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 "My wife and I were expecting our first child & nearing the due date, so I didn’t have the time to research paint brands or colors. Erin suggested three paint colors to consider. She couldn’t have named a better trio. Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments not only matches the hardware in the room, but also the vibe I was looking for. Erin pointed me in the right direction in a pinch, saved me from making a poor decision, and helped create a better bathroom for my growing family."
"When you work with Erin, you work with someone who really takes the time to understand your taste and preferences so that she can accurately help you with your style, both within your budget and your comfort zone. Erin has an uncanny way of taking you just outside that comfort zone in a way you never thought of before, but in a way you also end up loving. Work with Erin - you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!"
"After moving, our family room stayed empty for over a year. We couldn’t decide how arrange furniture and had trouble imagining how we would use the space. When Erin presented her design, we finally saw the room at its true potential! Now the redesigned family room is the heart of our home and we spend most of our time there. We absolutely love it and the room would probably still be empty if it wasn’t for Erin’s interior design expertise and advice."
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