We believe home is a place to rejuvenate and refresh

Put your feet up. Nothing is too precious, but everything is darn pretty!

kids stuff is part of the design

Everything should be accessible and ready to play with to keep those creative minds working.

"less is more" and quality matters

We think decorating is as much about what you take away as what you add to a room. Quality is more important than quantity and higher end finishes make all the difference.

We believe in hanging & framing original kids artwork

We are all about investing in custom artwork. It makes your space uniquely you!

we believe home should be livable

Things that are damaged are like a well aged patina - they add character to a room. We cannot fix every scratch or chip and it's all good. Home is for living, it's not a museum.

life is messy and that's okay

We embrace messy fingers and a good natural cleaner, rather than repelling grime using fabrics treated with questionable chemicals.

we think a well-designed room can restore balance to an otherwise hectic life

The right room design can counteract the chaos of modern day life.

We believe in decorating with pink

Pink evokes a sense of compassion, nurturing and love. This is the vibe we want at home.

We believe in wearing sequins to breakfast.

But wear a shirt under it so you don't get all itchy. We are about function as much as we are about fashion.


We've never met a pattern combo we didn't like. Bring on the floral mixed with stripes. Anythings goes as long as you do it with confidence.

we believe kids will be kids

If you can't beat them, join them. We are all big kids at heart.