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2022 Christmas Planning

Updated: Jan 15

Every year I find inspiration within the season for holiday decor that I just cannot act on implementing. Whether it is because if budget limitations, or time constraints the vision I have usually misses out on a few notes of inspiration that I intend to act on the following season, But then I almost never do, because ideas are fleeting!

This year I wanted to share some of the most beautiful inspiration I cam across, with hopes to remember it better next year by putting it all in writing. I always remember better when things are written down. The one thing that is long overdue for an upgrade in our home is the Christmas Stockings.

Wreath - This Serena and Lily Pinecone Wreath I want every year, but the price turns me away. I am hoping it ends up on even better sale soon : )

Designer Stockings

Willow Park French Bleu Stocking - This might be the one I have to buy next year if it is still available. It is subtle, block print and blue.

Brooke & Lou - The Lyla Stocking in Rose would fit in so well in our living room's rose & blue scheme

Sister Parish Holiday Collection - I cannot get over this stocking! We have a lot of dolly in our home, including pillows in our dining room and cafe curtains in our bedroom. The living room could use a little dolly too I believe, and I adore this red!

I mocked up a little before and after of how the dolly stocking and Serena & Lily wreath might look on my mantel, and I really like it. But do I like it enough to drop $470? Probably not haha!

And after $470 spent on decor that will collect dust 11 months a year : ) Pretty yes, but unless I get to keep these items up year round I am not sure I am willing to make the investment. What do you think?

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