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Some of the items in my home that are the most unique and have rich stories attached to them are my auction finds from Kaminski Auctions. I was introduced to Kaminski during a visit to Waldingfield when it was still run as an airbnb (now you will see signs all over Ipswich with large letters calling to "Save Waldingfield" because it is being sold as a corporate office and the residents worry about that this change will bring to the neighborhood). But I digress. The Kaminski crew was getting ready to sell of the furniture at Waldingfield, and we got to meet them. The owners wife even offered to take a photo of us before explaining for auctioning works and inviting me to register saying "anyone can bid".

Since then I have downloaded the Kaminski app and have won auction bids on a variety of items.

This beautiful plague

The rug in my living room

The ginger jars on my shelves

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