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Bedtime Routine & COVID Worries

The past year I have struggled to get good quality sleep. Part of it is COVID worries certainly. Part of it is probably screen time and lack of boundary related. Since the Delta variant news has become more and more concerning by the day, I found myself lying in bed thinking and worrying most nights. This week I started a new bedtime routine and so far it is helping. Here is what I have found that works.

  1. Showering - I always showered in the morning, until the pandemic hit. Showering at night feels great, it is like showering off any bad parts of the day and it feels amazing to get into bed clean and refreshed.

  2. CBD - I use Dram Apothecary and a couple drops in hot water. This calms me and stops my mind from traveling in so many directions before I turn out the lights.

  3. Journaling - Setting my intentions and reminding myself what I accomplished in the day is reassuring. Planning the next day helps to tire me out and make me feel ready to call it a night.

  4. Light Blocking Glasses - I love my Felix Gray! I often forget to wear them, and why? I have been wearing them for any screen time after 5pm and they are really helping me to stay asleep and relieving eye strain headaches I usually get.

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