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Blue and white rooms in my home

Maybe it is the fact that I have Mark Sikes books on my nightstand which I read nightly, or maybe it is the influence of Instagram scrolling and the grandmillenial movement. But regardless of the reason, I am really loving blue and white rooms these days. There is something very serene, timeless and easy about them. Building payer by layer becomes really fun, because these colors work so well with natural materials such as sisal and rattan.

Here is a blue moment on one wall of our dining room, which we are using as a mud hall since we have no real entryway.

And here is my newly wallpapered back mudroom in an Ariel Okin Chasing Paper that I adore. We are going to fully renovate this space and make it part of the kitchen one day. This paper really brightens up the space and blends the weird half wall into the background a bit.

And last but not least, our new primary bathroom decked out almost entirely in blue and white.

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