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In May we took our first plane trip since in the past couple years to Charleston! This was a trip we had planned for my 40th birthday, which we cancelled due to COVID in 2020. I was able to book the same room I originally had at 86 Cannon and we spent a couple days kid-free exploring the city and Sullivan's Island. We fell in love with Charleston and I might be regularly looking at home listings because I would love to move here at some point.

We ate breakfast at Miller's All Day and it was incredible.They serve breakfast all day.

Lunch at Felix featuring the best burger and drinks of our lives possibly. Really great experience, so much so we went back for a night cap.

We ate dinner at Chez Nous

And shopped at Madison Mathews and Amanda Lindroth.

The room we booked at 86 Cannon had a private piazza (shown below). It is called the Piazza King and I highly recommend if this room is available. It is also located closest to the breakfast room, which is where wine & cheese hour is also served.

86 Cannon also has the most amazing outdoor space.

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