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Crane Estate in July

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love Cape Ann and in particular, Crane Estate and Crane Beach. While my hubby was away we took a golf cart tour around the grounds of Crane Estate and the kids learned about the history of the property and ecology of the area and surrounding marshes.

I highly recommend this tour for a family of 4-6. If you have six people you could have a private tour. There were the three of us and another family of three sitting on the other side of the gold cart. Since it was open air and moving we felt pretty good about the social distancing even though it was not 6 feet distance between us and the other family.

The hydrangeas are in full bloom right now in all of Cape Ann and it was absolutely gorgeous. Interesting fact we learned on the tour, Mrs. Crane allowed no red flowers planted on the property because she felt red is too garish. Was she a little extra? I would say yes., but I totally understand where she was coming from. She is truly a women after my own heart and I love the sea of pink, blue, purple and white she created in this magical world at Crane Estate and love the Trustees even more from continuing to plant based on Mrs. Crane's original vision for the gardens.

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