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Dahlias in August

This is my second season trying to grow dahlias, and I have high hopes for what the plants I have been watering daily will yield! In the meantime, I have only seen one flower open in my yard. My neighbor's dahlias on the other hand are taking off! I snapped some photos while I was walking the dog this morning and now I am in love with the idea of planting dahlias in the front yard. What better way to bring a little joy to everyone who walks by?

I tried to grow dahlias last year, but planted them in June (bold move) and they never flowered. I then packed up the tubers using Floret instructions, and none of the dahlias came up this. But I did buy a smattering of new tubers, which are tall and looking like they will put on a beautiful show, maybe in September. I want to pack up the tubers for winter, but having used Floret's method unsuccessfully, I want to try another method.

Has anyone tried storing them in potting mix in pots in the basement? I have heard that works, and like the idea of being able to move them outside in the Spring without any additional steps needed! And the extra height of the pots could make it easier to keep bunnies away. I could picture my patio lined with pots holding dahlias in pink, cream and blush. Ohhh I might try it! Leave a comment if you know a foolproof way to store tubers over the winter in New England.I would love to hear. I have given up on the idea of trying to divide them, I just want them to survive two years in a row!

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