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We visited Wingaersheek beach on a sunny weekend and I found myself questioning why we have never been here together as a family! My older son has visited this beach with his camp and my hubby went here all the time as a kid. I had never been and now I have to say it is the best beach in MA in my humble opinion. The tide pools are very kid friendly! Oh and gorgeous. My younger son spent the entire day in the tide pools and we moved our beach blanket as high tide came in. There are lots of families here with nets to catch crabs and other little sea critters. They also have a seafood stand here and several Italian ice vendors on the beach itself. And they have bathrooms! We loved it and will be back again. Parking is $35 cash on the weekends and I hear the lot can fill quickly. We went at 1 pm on a Saturday and were happy to get a spot no problem.

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