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Kids Bathroom Redesign Plans

Renovations are much like giving birth to a child. There is so much disruption and suffering involved, but the second you see the beauty of what you created you block out all the pain and want to do it all over again. This is exactly how we feel after designing and finishing our primary bathroom. The kids bathroom now looks so much worse by comparison. What we have felt was meh okay for years is now down right out of place in our home. It needs to go, and so I started to create a design for this space, hoping that renovating will happen in the nearish future.

Manzanita Vanity has drawers and baskets to store the kids stuff, including all Ev's bath toys!

Ojai Mirror which I have wanted forever and never had a perfect spot for it. Until now!

Walls: Will be Farrow & Ball Parma Gray! My new favorite paint color.

I already have these Pearson Scones hanging in the existing bathroom and will keep those because they are lovely.

For the floor tile I can imagine being able to maintain marble for the boys. That is a disaster in the making. Instead, I have been drawn to Portugeuse tile and this one stopped me in my tracks. This one is also really special and unique!

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