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Magazine Favorites

Those who know me well are aware that I have a love for magazine collecting that boarders on hoarder status. I have back issues of Domino and House Beautiful archived in my walk in closet and I pull them out regularly for inspiration. I live for flipping through pages in a decade old issue of House Beautiful and thinking critically about the design elements used that are classic and would look just as fresh today. Sadly, House Beautiful is just not the same anymore. I cancelled my subscription because it was getting away from classic decor and getting a little like the more recent Domino mags (just a little modern in ways that the future will not be kind to). I have been on the hunt for new magazines to satisfy my urge to leaf through glossy, lightweight pages while drinking my coffee in the morning.

Here are three of my absolute favorite magazines at the moment.

What magazines are you all reading these days?

1) Frederic Magazine - This one is made by Schumacher and includes the most mouth watering interior design eye candy you will ever see. It is not cheap (at $72 a year for only 4 issues) but I tell you it is worth every penny to me.

2) Flower Magazine - This is one I just discovered, a self-described House, Garden & Lifestyle Magazine. It is dreamy and also has great online content that is not yet gated. At six issues for $19.99 it is pretty reasonably priced too.

3) In Kind - I discovered this magazine when Nan Philip mentioned it on Insta. I love this one because it feels like Cosmo, Self & the old House Beautiful magazine had a baby. This magazine is published bi-annually and $18.00

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