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Nantucket Guide

The week after school got out we spent the week on the Cape with my family, as we do just about every year. It is the highlight of every year for the kids and something that is becoming a tradition to bring together the extended family around food, beach trips and drinks on the porch overlooking the ocean. This year we took one day in Nantucket. We had never been and loved it so much, we are already planning to go back next year.

We spent most of our time in Siasconset, which is absolutely stunning. The hotel we stayed is called The Nantucket Inn (basically at the air port), far outside of the center of town, While affordable, I would not recommend staying here, although their pool was nice and the kids loved it. If possible to splurge on the town location hotels such as Brass Lantern Inn definitely go for it. I hear great things about Brass Lantern and would have stayed there if they had space.

I had first booked dinner at Chanticleer and although it is beautiful and the menu looks fab, it did not seem very kid appropriate. Instead we ate at The Summer House, which has a cute little sand path that brings you to beach in seconds. The wait for food is incredibly long here, but worth it for the ambiance. Get extra drinks to pass the time.

The Sconset Market has adorable treats, gourmet snacks and a really cute ice cream stand.

For breakfast, yummy breakfast sandwiches from Claudette's.

We also spent a day in town and perused the Nantucket Whaling Museum, which was a grand space with lots of cool exhibits and a roof deck that has a million dollar view. You can get into another cool property with admission, the Hadwen House. With beautiful architecture and the opportunity to learn the history of Lightship baskets, this was a delight (even for my 10 year old son haha). They have kids classes to learn to make the baskets, which is awesome.

After the museums we visited Walters for some of the best lobster rolls you will ever have! They are a street stand so no where to sit, but grab a picnic bench or maybe bring a couple to Jetties Beach (one of the most family friendly beaches on Nantucket).

If you are going to Nantucket as a couple without kids, I have heard Greydon House is wonderful. If we ever get an adults only trip on will absolutely be staying there!




Hadwen House

Whaling Museum