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Primary Bath Project Sneak Peek

Soon a blog post will be coming with professional photographs of the finished space as the big reveal of this bathroom, a collaboration with my absolute favorite photographer, Gray Malin! But in the meantime y'all have spoken and cannot wait for a source list. And I am aid to please, so here are the goods!

Toilet - this toilet is as lovely as a toilet can be. I love every detail of this pretty potty!

Floor Tile - I bought 17 samples of tile. 17! And this was the winner, so that means it is really good tile.

Vanity - My love affair with this vanity goes way back. We added one of my favorite classic faucets. And it has a matching bedroom set, swoon and double swoon.

Let's talk about shower tile! We combined this large scale marble with a pretty clean subway tile for a custom look that I assure you, no other shower quite has. Some may be similar, but this design came from inside my brain so I am pretty sure this particular combo belongs only to us, which makes it even more special.

Our shower, decked out in all gleaming polished nickel, is a show stopper. Here's hoping we actually like it when it gets turned on.

Towel rings - A small detail, but worth their weight in gold in balancing the room. We picked something very minimalist to balance all the feminine lines in this room. The masculine hard lines really pop against the curved tub, scalloped shades and curvy Kayce Hughes paintings going into the space. We also got the matching TP holder and towel hooks. You say $75 is crazy for a TP holder? Yeah well this is where we agree to disagree.

UL Damp Rated Chandelier - I am obsessed with this, obsessed. I searched the entire internet for a UL damp rated chandelier and sadly, lighting manufacturers do a terrible job with SEO! I finally found this one and I love it. Go buy it!

Our sconces are from Studio McGee. They were okay as is, but they are even better with these custom scalloped shades in cornflower blue. The custom shades take this lights over the top in the best possible way.

Mirror - I swear, when I look in this mirror I look prettier than I look in other mirrors. Solution, throw away all other mirrors in the house and only use this one. It is that good!

And last but not least, the item no one will stop talking about. The item that everyone marvels at how I possibly accomplished getting such a giant beauty into my home. You would think I moved Stonehenge judging by the comments I have received. Let me say this. It is not hooked up yet and for all I know it will never be hooked up. If I had a dollar for every hour of lost sleep over this tub, let's just say I would be a millionaire. But damn, is it beautiful. My Tub! Behind the tub I am adding this table, because I mean with those scalloped sconce shades?! I mean come on! Match made in heaven, how could I not? And if I actually get the tub hooked up and if it holds water and doesn't leak? I will be lounging in the tub with this caddy to hold my book and glass of wine, because isn't that what every girl dreams of? Serious female mic drop moment.

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