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September Garden Blooms

I planted A LOT of stuff during COVID. Every moment of stress and anxiety resulted in me walking outside to get air, staring at any empty spot I could find to ponder. What could I plant to fill that void? It became an obsession. But 12 David Austin roses, 20 Dahlia Tubers and seven hydrangeas later, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am into gardening, which I never thought I would say! Being out here calms me down substantially and I get excited seeing what color petals will unfurl to reveal (often because I do a bad job at marking plants and get surprised & delighted by what emerges.

Right now the roses are still going strong, and the dahlias are just getting started. I think I may not have planted them in the best spot for sunlight, but they are growing extremely tall and I have high hopes for what they will look like in October.



Limelight Hygrangeas

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